Coronavirus – Working Remote

There’s only one thing we’re building here at RainTech: the best Managed IT and Custom Cloud services available anywhere.

RainTech went remote working effective EOD Friday.

A minor bump or two, but every employee has a company owned and managed workstation at home, complete with quad monitor configurations for those who want them. That team spent much of the day using those tools to enable customers who needed to expand their Cloud/Remote Desktop capabilities to do the same.

However, most organizations can’t do that 100%.

I can’t imagine what the food servers, bartenders, cashiers, and myriad number of other service workers we get to work with every day are feeling right now, as their customers are told to stay home for everyone’s good. And then there’s our healthcare workforce who, if we track as Italy has in the basic capacity metrics, are about to be pushed well beyond their capacity.

These people are our friends, our family… our community. And that’s why I’m #StayingHome.

I’m pulling for everyone, but I’m #StayingHome because the healthcare workers of Colorado Springs are the ones I can actually help by doing so. I’m #StayingHome because I want Colorado Springs workers to be the first to get back to business as usual. I’m #StayingHome because it’s the least I can do. If it happens to be the least you can do too, please do. #Coronavirus #AskNot

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