Why You Should Prioritize Your Technology Gaps

Why You Should Prioritize Your Technology Gaps

Technology is an unavoidable component of most businessesthese days, helping them achieve their goals and vision. However, if you arenot cautious, technological flaws could allow cybercriminals to access yournetwork and cause harm to your company. Technology auditing is the solution tothis problem.

A technology audit can assist you in better understandingand identifying gaps in your organization's security, compliance and backuppostures. But if you don't have a background in IT, the results of a technologyaudit can be confusing. You may be overwhelmed by the number of items that needto be refreshed or replaced, and you may not know where to start.

Having a managed service provider (MSP) by your side canhelp you avoid these stumbling blocks. An MSP can provide you with aprioritized list of the most urgent to least urgent gaps, allowing you todecide how to proceed and allocate funds.

Why should you prioritize your organization’s technology gaps?

Here are some reasons why prioritizingtechnology gaps is critical:

1.      To fix the most critical gaps immediately

Following an audit, you may discoverhundreds of vulnerabilities, prompting the question, "Should all of thesebe fixed at once?"

To make an improvement on a major highway,you wouldn't close every lane at the same time. Instead, you would first blockand repair the most damaged one during non-peak hours. The same is true forvulnerabilities, and it is always better to bridge the most critical onefirst.

Bridging all the gaps at once is rarelypractical, both financially and in terms of time and effort. Furthermore, ifyou prioritize a lower-priority vulnerability first, cybercriminals can swoopin and exploit critical flaws in the blink of an eye.

2.      To promote better budgetary decisions

Budgets, when properly planned, can serveas a tool to assist you in meeting organizational objectives.

Randomly allocating funds to bridge gaps willneither help defend against threats nor be a wise budgetary decision. Instead, prioritizegaps and distribute financial resources based on vulnerability severity.

3.      To improve control over transformationand upgrade

Timely upgrades and associatedtransformation are crucial for a business to stay competitive in constantlyevolving business landscapes. Even so, it is critical to maintain control oversuch transitions. Otherwise, it could lead to confusion and poor decisions,ultimately harming your company's growth.

Get a better understanding of upgrades andtransformation by prioritizing gaps and systematically bridging them based ontheir severity.

4.      To avoid overburdening key stakeholders

Tending to all gaps at once can overwhelmyour employees, in turn lowering their productivity and deteriorating customerservice. Avoid this to the greatest extent possible. If your customers andemployees are dissatisfied, your business can suffer serious setbacks such asemployee attrition, customer churn, accidental data breaches and so on.

Collaborate for Success

Not sure where to start? An MSP can help you prioritizetechnology gaps in order to optimize IT platforms and help you get the most outof your technology investment, all while ensuring uptime and productivity.

Contact us to learn how we can help your organizationsuccessfully prioritize technology gaps to achieve targeted goals in asustainable manner.

 In addition, you can download our infographic "4 Steps to Prioritizing Technology Gaps to Bridge" by clicking here.

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