Government IT Support

As a modern government agency, having fast, reliable, and secure access to the large amounts of data you process on a daily basis is crucial to assisting the public. Your IT support company needs to go further than just providing helpdesk support and ensure your systems are running efficiently while also maintaining 100% security.

RainTech has helped local counties and other government-owned agencies with their IT service, and our experience can help your office too.

Proactive Government Tech Support

It makes sense to stay ahead of problems. Our unique solutions ensure that your employees and systems are fully equipped to protect your sensitive data 24/7. We’ll stabilize and secure your network, protect your agency from security threats, and monitor issues to prevent major problems from occurring.

At a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department, our managed IT support plans also make annual budgeting easy for government agencies who’d like to know what to expect of their technology costs.

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