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Oracle License Solutions

Let us handle the complexity of managing licenses

As productivity software becomes more diverse, the challenges of managing all of the different licenses poses a risk to your productivity and your business as a whole. Managing the complexity of Oracle licenses requires a clear understanding of your current application suite aligned with a clear plan for converting those assets to fit in the new cloud-based model.
“Thanks so much for all you do to make things here function properly”
Tony, CFO

Professional assessment and guidance backed by years of experience

RainTech will guide you through the transition by showing you what your current license setup entitles you to, what you really need in order to effectively add value to your company, and what you can safely remove from your technology suite. You will reduce waste, increase efficiency, and capitalize on the technological and digital innovations of the cloud era.

RainTech will help you make sense of your standing with regards to Oracle licensing and how to navigate your licensing footprint moving forward.

RainTech Solution

By leveraging our experience and expertise you will maximize on the added value of new technology deployment and reduce the costs involved with platform migration.
Mitigated Risk
Ensured Compliance
Improve flexibility
Smooth Transition
Professional Support
“I feel we are a step ahead. ”

If something happens, I don’t have to worry- I just pick up the phone or email you guys and it’s fixed! No Loss of data…It’s such great peace of mind!

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