IT solutions for Private Equity Firms

As a PE firm, you're in the direct business of growing businesses. It's no news that in the right IT environment, provided all other factors are in place, businesses grow faster.

In your case, there's a greater need to ascertain that IT would actually be a key player in the company's growth, and not a disaster waiting to happen. A lot of times, the latter is the case.

A company's journey from a mediocre or terrible IT infrastructure, to one that raises its EBITDA significantly, requires expertise. Expertise, as well as the ability to replicate excellence over and over again.

That's where we come in.

We've been providing fail-proof IT for 24 years...

To us, IT is about results. Rather than merely existing as a necessary evil, we believe an IT budget should be, in fact, a growth budget. Since 2001, we have provided growth-propelling IT to several companies in Colorado Springs & Denver.

As one of the earliest adopters of the cloud (since as far back as 2005), we have mastered the science of making the cloud work for businesses of all sizes. This (along with a host of IT optimization) enables us to increase efficiencies by up to 50%, while radically reducing costs.

Because we are heavily process-based, we can easily replicate the results gotten with one company in another. This is great news for you and your portfolio companies.

Exceptional IT, real people, real results...

Across of 30+ man team, we have ~330 years of IT experience. It's safe to say we know just what we're doing. We are experts in an array of industries, with deep insight on how to drive costs down, while ramping up the ROI for every single one of your IT investments.

We provide you (and every portco) with a vCIO (virtual chief information officer) and dedicated account manager, to facilitate collaboration and speedy growth.

Our cybersecurity services are second to none. With our very own SIEM infrastructure, it is far less expensive to keep your firm and portfolio companies secure with us, than any alternatives.

Portco cybersecurity and compliance
Strategic planning with a dedicated vCIO
Tailored business IT plan to raise EBITDA
Human capital and challenges and AI intervention
Ongoing support and remote maintenance
An expert IT department, at a fraction of the cost
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